First time Liposuction in Medan

Some of us are gifted with bodies that require no tampering. Perfect as is. Some of us are happy and satisfied with whatever we have, no matter how odd it is. Others are more conscious about their shape and desire to look good and better. They are in search of perfection. With the advancement of science, it has become possible to go for body contouring. While some individuals may choose to go for cosmetic surgery only for body enhancement, for others it may be suggested by the physician in order to regain or improve his health condition. Being overweight has its shortcomings. Hence, removal of fat through medical procedure may be required for some.

There are many body shapes of which one is the inverted triangle body shape. It is also called the apple shape since people with such shape have broader shoulders and bust and narrower hips. This body shape has its disadvantages – it looks manly. Depending on the degree of the angles of the shape, it can look odd, drawing unwanted attention. Fitted clothes do not look good on such shapes.

I lived with the shape for quite some time but one fine day it occurred to me that I can change things to my liking. I didn’t have to live with this imperfection forever. Medical science to the rescue! All I need to do is look for someone knowledgeable and spend some money to get what I want. Don’t we all desire that? And for me, to fit into clothes without  a lot many people staring at me would seal the deal.

Since my arms were huge, I decided to go for liposuction on my arms to remove the extra fat. That was my focus area. I began reading on the topic. I started my research with the net and sent enquiries to many clinics – both local and overseas.

While I was doing research, I came across this website through Google Image – Elixir de Vie. The site has before/after photos of people who had been their patients as well as a Youtube Channel. I was able to browse through the pictures and videos. The website contains many photos of patients who have used their services as proof and the YouTube channel videos were convincing enough to nail the deal in their favour. Then I got to know the Surgeon Dr. Arthur and his bio, qualifications, and experiences.

Once satisfied that I can approach an expert now, armed with some information of my own, I contacted him. The response was prompt, and I was impressed. After several email exchanges, I decided to go with Exilir De Vie Clinic in Medan.

They had a requirement I had to meet though. I needed to show  the airline ticket/itinerary to get the surgery date with the doctor. This is so that they can book a date/timing for you. Or else, your preferred date may be given to somebody else!

Once the date is booked, a client services coordinator will send you all details such as pre and post operation care instructions; and information about other non-medical services they provide such as pick up and drop off from airport for a small fees or free pick up from Medan train station if you prefer, and room services, etc. This way you can be sure you know everything you need to know before you reach the clinic. Since I was traveling alone and had never been to Indonesia before, I chose the pick-up service from the airport. I didn’t have to bother about being harried in a new country.

Next day, before the surgery, I had a consultation with Dr. Arthur. During the consultation, we addressed my expectations and risks as well. We went ahead with the surgery. I had liposuction on my arms and upper back, underarms as well as fat transfer to buttocks.  Below are the picture of myself before and after liposuction.




Immediate after liposuction.



3 Weeks after.



After fat transfer to Buttocks.



What do I think about the experience?

I was jubilant when I see the results the next day after surgery! My arms look very slim, and I have wider hips that I’ve always wanted. I couldn’t thank Dr. Arthur enough. Since I travelled alone to the clinic, the Dr asked me not to lock my room on the night post surgery so that he could come and check on me. That was very nice of him and shows his professionalism and care towards his patients.

And now, I’ve decided to go for further liposuction on my double chin and jowls at Dr. Arthur’s clinic again this year in July. I will keep you posted, so keep watching this space.